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DIY Hanging Wine Bottle Lantern

May Durkovic on October 8, 2020 - 6:34 am in DIY Guide

Decorating for your wedding doesn’t have to cost a fortune—just a little planning, time, and a whole lot of wine! Here are 10 projects to turn empty wine bottles from old glass into wedding class.

Difficulty: high            Steps: 14

Wine bottle
Cotton string or yarn
Nail polish remover
Candle lighter
Large metal pot (large enough to submerge a wine bottle)
Cold water
Ice cubes
Copper wire (18 gauge)
Wire cutters
Needle nose pliers
Tea lights


  1. Wash bottle; remove labels.
  2. Wrap cotton yarn/string tightly and evenly around the bottle at desired height. Wrap 3 to 4 for times and tie off. Be sure to wrap at least 2” below the curved neck of the wine bottle to avoid breakage.
  3. Remove cotton string and saturate in nail polish remover.
  4. Replace cotton string on wine bottle.
  5. Fill a large pot with cold water; add ice cubes.
  6. Ignite cotton string using a candle lighter.
  7. Rotate wine bottle quickly until flame extinguishes. (Try to keep the flame burning as long as possible).
  8. Submerge bottle in pot of cold water. The bottle should split apart above the string line almost immediately.
  9. Cut a piece of copper wire approximately 24” long (the more spirals in the wire, the longer the piece should be), using the wire cutter.
  10.  Bend a loop on one end of the wire using the needle nose pliers.
  11.  Shape the wire into a graduated spiral using the pliers and your hand.
  12.  Attach string/twine to the looped end of the wire.
  13. Drop a tea light into the spiraled wire and feed the string through the bottom of the wine bottle and through the neck.
  14. Hang bottle; light candle.

 Alternative: For a simpler project, forgo steps 9-14 and instead place bottle over a votive candle.

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