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Honeymoon Gift Registries

May Durkovic on July 27, 2015 - 8:56 am in Gift ideas

Since many couples now marry at an older age, they may not need or want household items like linens, a cookware set or a mixer. With a honeymoon registry, guests pay for portions of the honeymoon so the bride and groom can enjoy experiences they might not normally be able to afford. On average, 40–50% of honeymoon costs can be paid through a gift registry.


Cayman Activities  Amount Number
A day at the spa $150  2
Duty free shopping $25 4
Golfing at the Jack Nicklaus Britannia Golf Club $95 2
Half day of reef fishing $250 1
His and her massages by the beach $70 2
Horseback riding on the sandy Cayman shores $65 2
Jet ski rental $75 2
Ocean kayaking $30 1
Parasail ride over the spectacular turquoise water $40 2
Resort course diving lessons $95 2
Snorkel trip to Stingray City $35 2
Submarine ride aboard the Nautilus $40 2
Sunset snorkel and cruise $50 2
Windsurf rental and lesson $60 2
Cayman Honeymoon Accommodations
A night of our beachfront resort $175 7
Flowers and fruit in our honeymoon suite $80 1
500 miles of airfare $65 12
Jeep rental for a day of Cayman exploring $75 2
Limousine to the airport to star our honeymoon in grand style $80 1
Wining and Dining
A bottle of champagne to enjoy $60 1
a bottle of fine wine to enjoy with dinner $60 4
A night of dancing at the island hotspot Insomnia $30 2
Breakfast in bed $45 4
Candlelit dinner at Casa Havana $120 1
Lobster dinner at the Lobster Pot Restaurant $90 1
Lunch at the Rum Point Wreck Bar & Grill $40 1
Lunch with the locals at the Lazy Lizard $35 1
Pina colodas to enjoy poolside $10 20
Romantic dinner at the famous Cracked Conch by the Sea $90 1

 Photo Credit: Courtesy of Honeymoon Islands

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