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The Skin You’re In

May Durkovic on June 8, 2015 - 9:32 am in Health and Beauty

In the classic movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, the bride wakes up on her wedding day with a big pimple on her chin. When she tells her groom, he admits to having a pimple that day, too, and she asks where it is. He proudly shares his cure, and the family remedy for any ailment – a squirt of Windex. Fortunately, you can avoid Windex on your wedding day by choosing the best skin care products for your skin type, and using them routinely.

First, determine your skin type.
• Normal skin feels smooth to the touch, never too dry or oily.
• Dry skin can feel tight, appearing rough and bumpy.
• Oily skin feels slightly wet to the touch and can look shiny in certain areas.
• Combination skin is typically oily around the nose, chin and forehead, and dry around the cheeks.

Then, read up on skin products you can use.
• A facial cleanser removes dirt, sweat, excess oils, cosmetics, dead skin cells and bacteria from facial skin.
• A moisturizer absorbs into and replenishes the skin, preventing it from drying out.
• A toner soothes skin with a mixture of moisturizers, oils and extracts.
• An exfoliater removes dead surface skin cells.
• A facial mask adds moisture, removes oil, exfoliates or reduces puffiness.

Now, match your skin type with the suggested skin products.
• Normal skin= moisturizer, cleanser
• Dry skin= moisturizer
• Oily skin= use toner, exfoliater, and moisturizer once in a while
• Combined skin= exfoliater, cleanser and moisturizer

Before applying anything to your skin, wash your hands well with soap and water. Remove makeup if necessary, then wet facial skin with warm water. Massage the moisturizer or cleanser into your skin using circular, upward motions and let it set as directed. Then remove the moisturizer or cleanser with a damp cotton pad, sponge, or splashes of warm water until it is removed. Dry your face by dabbing it with a clean towel.

Apply a small amount of toner on a cotton ball, then wipe the cotton ball over your entire face. Do not rinse the toner off; let it sink in.

Once or twice a week, consider replacing your daily cleanser with an exfoliater or facial mask. Remove makeup, if necessary, then gently massage the exfoliator in outward circular motions for half a minute. When applying a facial mask, follow the directions and rinse with cool water.

Be consistent with your skin regimen and try new products until you find the right ones for your skin.

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