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Venue Talk

May Durkovic on July 28, 2020 - 8:54 am in Planning Advice

Choosing a venue can be exciting and a little overwhelming. You might be certain you want a winery wedding, or maybe you're still checking things out. 

Before visiting potential venues, determine your wedding budget. Your budget can (and most likely will) play a major role in your choice of venues. Then ask these questions when visiting venue options.

  • Pricing. What is included in the quoted price? Is gratuity an additional fee?  
  • Availability. Is the venue available on your tentative date(s)? If you don't have a date in mind, ask about off-peak wedding date discounts. This can include a winter or week day wedding.
  • Accommodations. Is the venue large enough to hold the 500 guests you plan on inviting? On the contrary, is it small enough that your 50 guests feel welcome? Is there ample parking? How about bathroom facilities?
  • Time. How many hours can you rent the venue? Is there a time limit?
  • Alternatives. Are indoor alternatives available in the case of bad weather?
  • Catering. Is outside catering allowed? Is there a list of preferred caterers?
  • Alcohol. Are other types of alcohol allowed (beer, liquor)?
  • Entertainment. Are there music restrictions? Can a band or DJ play at your wedding?

And, of course, the wine has to be good. After asking these questions and narrowing down venue options to your top three, it’s time for the wine tastings! But we'll get to that later. For now, enjoy the moment; it’s going to be a (fun) crazy ride!

Written by Nicole Martinez Fitch; Photo Credit: Pamela Lepold Photography

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